Host A Party

You've taken the first step towards hosting your virtual Harper & Jewels party. It's the best way to shop online with your friends, and earn FREE Harper & Jewels merchandise! We currently run our online parties in one of two ways. 

1. Host via Facebook. - This way has proven to get our party hosts the most free merchandise. Our Harper & Jewels president, will friend you on Facebook and set up a private group for your party. All you will be responsible for is adding your friends to the group. Your group will be given special discount codes that are specific to your party. This does two things, it give your friends exclusive discounts, and it also helps us keep track of the amount of money your friends have spent. Based on how much is sold at your party will determine the amount of free jewelry you'll earn! See attached document for a breakdown of how much free merchandise you can earn. Feel free to include your friends who don't have Facebook by sending them your discount codes.

2. If you don't have Facebook, or wish not to use it this option is for you. We will set up discount codes specific to your party. You can either send us your list of friends and we can email them, or we can email you specifically about the party and you can forward the email to your friends. Again, we will track your party's sales based on these codes and you will have the same earning potential as if you did a Facebook party. 

We will keep track of how much you earn for your party and when you are ready to spend your earnings we will assist you. Online parties are a great way to earn free jewelry and since our inventory is updated often, we receive a lot of repeat party hosts!

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at
We look forward to helping you earn free jewels!